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June 21, 2013

AFH Co-Founder to Keynote AIA Convention

The annual convention of The American Institute of Architects (AIA) officially kicked off in Denver yesterday. Among other highlights, public interest design leader Cameron Sinclair will be taking the stage today as one of three keynote speakers for the event. For years–literally until the past year or two, under the leadership of EVP/CEO Robert Ivy–the AIA turned a blind eye to the field of public interest design. It’s heartening to see that starting to change, and so it’s a major milestone to have Sinclair speaking for so many today. The following is an excerpt from a recent AIA profile on and interview with Sinclair:

At 38, Sinclair says he feels like “one of the grandfathers” of the public interest design movement. As the market for architects has faltered in recent years, his work has begun to be seen as less of a charity arm of the profession, and more as an exciting new province that can set the tone for generations of architects to come. There’s a sort of worldly globe-trotting sophistication to Sinclair’s work–in Peru one week, Port-au-Prince the next–but there are steps any architect living anywhere can take, even just philosophically, that can lead them towards greater public engagement and outreach.

Click here to read Cameron Sinclair’s interview with the AIA in anticipation of his AIA Convention keynote address today, online at Caption: The above is a YouTube video, titledWe’re at a Great Moment in Our Profession,” recorded in May as a teaser for Sinclair’s keynote.

January 18, 2012

AIA & Public Architecture announce partnership

Longtime supporters of Public Architecture, the American Institute of Architects national component last month signed a memorandum of understanding with the organization pertaining to The 1% pro bono program. Among other stipulations, the AIA will commit $25,000 annually for the next five years, totaling $125,000 and building on a one-time, single-year grant of $115,000 in 2007.

Also in 2007, in conferring its Institute Honors for Collaborative Achievement the AIA declared: “As a call to arms for all architects, Public Architecture has elevated the awareness of pro bono work from personal option to professional imperative. Their every effort is distinguished by unflagging attention to providing the highest levels of design excellence in service to the public interest.” Additionally, during his tenure as editor of Architectural Record magazine, AIA CEO Robert Ivy wrote of The 1% program, “The idea is smart, clean, and memorable.”

Click here to learn more about the AIA’s partnership with Public Architecture.

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