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January 29, 2013

Co.Exist: Catchafire Profiles HSC’s Anne Frederick


The third in a series of interviews, part of Catchafire‘s Generosity Series in Fast Company‘s Co.Exist, profiles Anne Frederick, executive director of the Hester Street Collaborative–which “involves citizens in redesigning their neighborhoods to create stronger communities.” Frederick’s responses are wide-ranging, but we found her answer to the final interview question–”Who inspires you most with their generosity?”–among the most heartening and transcendent:

That model of collective generosity has really informed my approach, it is a little less heroic. I am always reminded that I can’t do this work alone. Like with my family, all of our staff and partners bring something important to the table. It also reminds me of the generosity of everyday New Yorkers after Hurricane Sandy. The groundswell of New Yorkers helping each other out is a testament to the power of grassroots action. When each person is able to give and receive, everyone is supported and no one is left behind.

Click here to read “Creating Resilient Community, Through Design And Advocacy,” online at Caption: Photo by Jes­sica Bruah.

January 28, 2013

Co.Exist: Catchafire Profiles MASS Design Group


Fast Company‘s Co.Exist continued its stellar coverage of “The 11 Most Generous Designers,” profiled here previously, and co-curated by Rachel Chong of Catchafire and Ric Grefé of AIGA. The second of eleven–”Two Architects Reinvent The Hospital To Prevent Infections“–published Friday, profiles Michael Murphy and Alan Ricks, two of the principal co-founders of MASS Design Group.

We don’t know if we would call what we are doing giving back, but rather applying our services where they are needed most. Ethically, we have a deep belief in justice–both socially and economically–and equity, however, that often becomes skewed by the lopsided application of technical knowledge. Architecture is mostly in the service of those who can pay for it, which inherently means it’s not always aligned with the public’s needs. Our position is that if we operate under a different model, the service of architecture can better align with the public interest.

Click here to read “Two Architects Reinvent The Hospital To Prevent Infections,” online at Caption: Murphy and Ricks at the Butaro Hospital; photo by Karen Conway.

January 21, 2013

Co.Exist: “The 11 Most Generous Designers”


A week ago today, Rachel Chong, the founder & CEO of Catchafire–an innovative, for-profit, pro bono service matchmaker–took to the pages of Fast Company‘s Co.Exist to profile what she terms “The 11 Most Generous Designers.” The list was co-curated by Chong and Ric Grefé, the executive director of AIGA, and a member of our Public Interest Design 100. Chong writes, “Whether creating a compelling graphic to raise money or developing a cause awareness campaign or producing a never-before-seen-product that improves an infant’s livelihood, these creative thinkers are impacting our society in ways that are hard to forget.”

Included in Chong and Grefé’s list are Matthew Inman, artist and author behind the comedy website; Heather Fleming, co-founder & CEO of Catapult Design; Dawn Hancock, founder and managing director of Firebelly Design; Timothy Prestero, co-founder and CEO of Design That Matters; Michael Murphy & Alan Ricks, co-founders of MASS Design Group; Anne Frederick, executive director of Hester Street Collaborative; Rich Hollant, principal of Co:Lab; Panthea Lee, co-founder and principal of Reboot; Mark Randall, principal of Worldstudio; Debbie Aung Din & Jim Taylor of Proximity Designs; and Robert Fabricant, Vice President of Creative for Frog. (Seven of the 11 are members of our domestic Public Interest Design 100, while others will be profiled among our upcoming global edition.)

Click here to read Rachel Chong & Ric Grefé’s “11 Most Generous Designers,” online at Caption: Debbie Aung Din and Jim Taylor, founders of Proximity Designs.

September 6, 2011

Forthcoming Book: Just Design

San Francisco-based designer and author of multiple books Christopher Simmons of MINE is at it again with his forthcoming Just Design: Socially Conscious Design for Critical Causes, due out this December. The book was written with the premise that “For many, doing good work that also does good in the world is part of the ethos of design practice.”

Simmons goes on to explain that “Just Design celebrates and explores this increasingly critical aspect of design by showcasing a diverse collection of inspiring projects, people, and causes.” In addition to 10 in-depth project case studies, the book boasts essays by a select group of designers as well as interviews, including the likes of Project H Design‘s Emily Pilloton and AIGA‘s Ric Grefe.

Click here to learn more or pre-order the book from

August 3, 2011

“Design & Thinking” Kickstarter Campaign

An up-and-coming film, currently seeking backers through Kickstarter, seeks to put a face on design-thinking, a term generally attributed to IDEO co-founder David Kelly, also of Stanford d.School fame. Self-described as “one of the very few documentaries on design, and certainly the first about the impact design thinking has on the world,” the film is expected to launch in 2011. As of this writing, the film’s Kickstarter campaign is already 2/3 funded with 31 days to go.

“Design & Thinking” is a project of the nonprofit Taipei Design Center U.S. and Muris Media, both based in San Francisco. Interviewees to date have included the likes of the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum‘s Bill Moggridge, AIGA‘s Ric Grefe, the University of Toronto Rotman School of Management‘s Roger Martin, and Metropolis Magazine editor Susan Szenasy.

Thanks to Co.Design for bringing this to our attention.

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