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October 11, 2013

LEAP Symposium Updates & Coverage


Following-up on our earlier posts about the LEAP Symposium, hosted last month by the Designmatters program at Art Center College of Design, we are happily sharing a mix of proceedings from what sounds like an energizing, breakthrough event. The symposium was convened to explore and assess “emerging career pathways for designers in the social innovation space.” A comprehensive workbook of the symposium is set for publication the first quarter of 2014, but in the meantime, here is a sampling of records of the event:

A new “Outcomes” page of the dedicated website itself has already videos of several sessions and discussions, with promises of more to come.

Art Center’s “Dotted Line” blog has several nicely detailed and even illustrated posts, including one from earlier this month, titled “A bold LEAP in an emergent field: Creative citizens forge new pathways in design and social innovation.”

Finally, author, designer, and symposium participant Andrew Shea took to the pages of ChangeObserver to publish “Shaping Design Education at LEAP Symposium.” It too is a clear, compelling, and nicely illustrated distillation of details that normally evaporate into the ether after events like this. (Shea’s book, Designing For Social Change, is well worth a read in its own right.)

Click here for more information on the LEAP Symposium, online at Caption: Graphic recordings by Craighton Berman. Autodeskthrough its Technology Impact software donation program–remains a proud sponsor of the LEAP Symposium.

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